RCMP, Municipal Police Application and Interview Coaching

Coaching and Mentoring you to success in the Municipal or RCMP Recruiting Process, and/or Interview Coaching.

anEDGE, based in Vancouver, specialises in coaching and mentoring individuals pursuing careers in law enforcement agencies including the RCMP, Municipal Police, and Transit Police.

Our core mission is to provide tailored mentoring and guidance through the application process, including interviews.

Our experienced team of police officers offers comprehensive support using our distinctive 7-pillar approach to evaluate readiness, track progress, and offer ongoing assistance.

Readiness Assessment

  • Are you competitive?
  • Where are your developmental opportunities?
  • Where do you stand currently in relation to the 7-pillars? 
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? 
  • What is you time frame?


  • Assistance with Application and Lifestyle Questionnaire addresses challenges and how to overcome them.
  • Identify areas of development to enhance competitiveness.
  • Learn how to collect and present your personal dimensions in interviews
  • Create a personal plan to address developmental areas of the 7 pillars. 
  • Assistance with drafting resume and application letter gain valuable insight on the application process, exams, fitness and more.  

Interview Coaching and Preparation

  • Behavioural/ Competency-based interview structure
  • Situational interview questions.
  • Practice - Practice - Practice
  • Expectations: Dress, language, mannerisms managing anxiety and gaining confidence with learning and designing appropriate answers. 
  • Mock/ Practice interviews. 

Deferral Program

  • Specialized program for deferral candidates.
  • Focus on enhancing skills and deficiencies.
  • Coaching you through your deferral.  

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