anEDGE, staffed by a seasoned team of municipal police, police services RCMP officers alongside Fortune 500 HR and training specialists, is dedicated to guiding and supporting candidates through the different application and interviewing processes of the various Canadian law enforcement agencies, including the RCMP, Canadian Police and Police Services Departments, Transit Police, and Correctional Services 

Our approach is not one-size-fits-all. We craft tailored development plans to mentor and coach candidates systematically, elevating their preparedness and positioning them as preferred candidates for law enforcement roles. We understand that each candidate is unique, and our program is designed to cater to your specific needs and goals.

Conceived by a collective of experienced police officers, business executives, and human resource experts proficient in candidate selection, interviewing techniques, and training methodologies, the anEDGE program stands as a testament to our commitment to preparing individuals for success in law enforcement careers.

anEDGE Programs

Coaching you through the Police Department, Police Services, RCMP Application Process and Interview

Police Department, Police Services and RCMP Interview Coaching

Coaching you through your Police Department, Police Services or RCMP Deferral

Frequently asked questions!

Achieving “Application Readiness” entails ensuring that you have:

  1. Fulfilled and exceeded all the minimum standard requirements before applying.
  2. Submitted a comprehensive and accurately worded application along with a lifestyle questionnaire.
  3. Many candidates stumble at the initial hurdle due to incomplete or inadequately written application packages.
  4. Not merely meeting the minimum standards but surpassing them to distinguish yourself and emerge as a top candidate in the applicant poo

anEDGE is dedicated to serving RCMP, Provincial and Municipal Police Departments, Transit Police, and Sheriff’s Departments.

By collaborating with anEDGE, you gain access to a diverse mentoring team. This team includes four senior directors who bring extensive experience as police officers, alongside Fortune 500 executives specializing in HR, mentoring, and training. Together, you receive collective mentorship from all four individuals.

The objective of the anEDGE program is to mentor, train, and cultivate candidates to become applicants who are prepared for acceptance into their desired law enforcement department, including the RCMP, Provincial, or Municipal Police Departments.

Those aiming for careers in law enforcement in Canada, spanning various roles like police officers, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Municipal Police Officers, First Nations Police, Tribal Police Service, Municipal Police Departments, and Metro Vancouver Transit Police, can find value in our guidance. If you’ve faced setbacks in your application process, we’re here to assist you in reaching your goals.

Certainly, the initial consultation is complimentary.

It grants you a clearer understanding of the transformative opportunities offered by the anEDGE program for your career. Additionally, it allows us to provide you with an honest assessment of your suitability.

Unfortunately, not all applicants are granted admission to the anEDGE mentorship program.

Certainly, you’ll gain from 10 hours of personalized one-on-one coaching.

We offer assistance for two applications and will guide you through any deferrals.

Our dedication to your success is steadfast, and we strictly adhere to your development plan and timeline.

Our “7-pillar” assessment enables us to precisely gauge your readiness for application. Subsequently, we can tailor personalized development and mentorship to propel you towards success.

Our comprehensive fee covers all aspects except for the POPAT test.

Additional services such as the POPAT training program, if required, and the first aid course may involve additional charges. Nevertheless, we have formed partnerships with preferred service providers offering discounted rates, and we will guide you through this seamlessly.

Should there be a deferral during the application process, we will continue to support you through the deferral process at no additional cost.

Once you’re part of the anEDGE Program, our dedication to your advancement remains steadfast.

A deferral isn’t seen in a negative light; instead, it presents a positive chance for us to refine and enhance your development plan with clearer direction.

No, we kindly request that you refrain from doing so.

Some candidates might not meet the eligibility criteria for law enforcement roles due to various factors, such as past criminal records. We prioritize honesty in communicating the potential for success to applicants.

Indeed, every department adheres to its own distinct procedure. While there might be resemblances, navigating the application processes for the RCMP, Municipal, or Provincial Police involves encountering nuanced disparities.

Yes if that’s what you need, anEDGE specializes in application coaching, deferrals as well as interview coaching  

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