Our anEDGE Team

Kevin, equipped with a master’s degree in business, cultivated his career within Fortune 500 companies. An accomplished leader throughout his career, he has a long history of training, mentoring and coaching individuals to successful careers using sophisticated programs and resources.

Bringing a distinctive corporate viewpoint to a robust policing and law enforcement team, Kevin emphasizes the importance of sound business principles and a structured systems approach in nurturing and mentoring law enforcement candidates.

Kevin Wagner, MBA

Managing Director

Gerald Lau, with over 30 years in law enforcement, specializes in Major Crime, Crime Prevention, and General Duty, showcasing diverse skills from surveillance to recruitment and training leadership.

He played a pivotal role in recruitment through the JIBC Assessors Program, actively engaging in pre-recruit interviews. Beyond policing, Gerald advocates for cyber awareness, especially for vulnerable youth, earning recognition for numerous presentations and collaborations with schools. Equipped with advanced training in open-source investigation and Anti-Money Laundering certification from ACAMS, Gerald excels in implementing anti-money laundering programs and conducting fraud investigations.

Gerald’s strategic acumen and innovative approach consistently deliver impactful results, thriving in environments that prioritize innovation and open-mindedness.

Gerald Lau

Senior Director / Partner

Shana embarked on her professional journey with unwavering dedication, serving directly under the Police Chief as a civilian within the municipal police force. This role provided her with numerous opportunities, from participating in the pilot phase of PRIMEBC software to facilitating its subsequent implementation across various departments. It also allowed her to take on the responsibility of training municipal police departments throughout BC.

Shana’s career changed as she transitioned from law enforcement to Human Resources. Here, she dedicated several years to honing her skills, showcasing her adaptability and versatility. Her journey culminated in her assuming the Municipal Chief Administrative Officer role, where she effectively leveraged her diverse experience to lead.

Later, Shana was headhunted for a position at the Richmond Olympic Oval, where she has since dedicated 15 years to overseeing HR and various other departments within the municipal corporation.

Shana’s academic achievements include a master’s degree and a teaching certification, further enriching her professional profile. With her extensive background in Human Resources, recruitment, and training, coupled with her years of experience in municipal policing, Shana is exceptionally qualified to guide candidates toward successful careers in law enforcement.

Shana Wagner, MMA

Senior Director / Partner

Paul, a 38-year veteran of policing in the UK and British Columbia, began his career as a British Bobby with the Greater Manchester Police and later joined the New Westminster Police Service in Canada.

Throughout his tenure, he rose from Constable to Staff Sergeant and became deeply involved in recruitment, conducting background investigations and contributing to final selections.

With a keen understanding of law enforcement requirements, he has mentored numerous successful applicants and offers tailored coaching to exceed application prerequisites. Paul aims to guide aspiring candidates towards fulfilling careers in law enforcement, providing unwavering support throughout the process. 

Paul Fayle

Senior Director / Partner

anEDGE is a Canadian-based company that offers personalized 1-1 law enforcement application coaching to individuals aspiring to pursue a career in law enforcement in Canada and embark on their Police Recruitment Journey!

Our ultimate goal at anEDGE is to create a personalized developmental plan for each candidate. We strive to coach, mentor, and systematically develop you to be not just application-ready but the preferred choice in your pursuit of a career in law enforcement.

The anEDGE Program was designed by senior corporate executives and police officers skilled and experienced in law enforcement candidates’ selection, training, and mentoring process, including RCMP, Vancouver Police, Metro Vancouver Transit Police, other municipal police agencies, and First Nations police agencies.

Our anEDGE Philosophy

Experienced Mentors

The anEDGE Program matches you with seasoned mentors from the law enforcement community in Canada. These mentors will guide you step by step through your tailored developmental journey


Be assigned to a personal mentor


Develop yourself


Become applicant ready!

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