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As the managing Director of anEDGE, a company that coaches and mentors applicants to be hired by law enforcement agencies, I often get the questions; 

  • How do I become a Police officer in Toronto?
  • What are the minimum requirements to become a Police officer in Toronto?
  • Are there desired qualifications to become a Police officer in Toronto?
  • What is the application process to become a Police officer in Toronto? 
  • What Toronto Police Services Careers are available to me?
  • What are some essential links to help with your Toronto Police Services application? 

I will cover as many of the pertinent points as I can. Remember that joining the Toronto Police Service means becoming integral to a diverse and inclusive team dedicated to safeguarding Toronto. 

As a police officer, you’ll play a pivotal role in crime prevention and resolution, from gathering evidence to pursuing suspects and supporting victims. 

Beyond traditional policing duties, you’ll help maintain public order during events, respond to emergencies, and collaborate with other emergency services. 

In addition to working alongside emergency professionals like 9-1-1 operators, EMS, and firefighters, you’ll forge connections within communities and witness firsthand the positive impact of the Toronto Police Service. 

To embark on this career path, you’ll undergo rigorous training under Canada’s top instructors, covering defensive driving, firearm handling, legal statutes, physical fitness, and more. This is not just a job; it’s a journey of personal growth and development, where you’ll acquire skills and knowledge that will stay with you for a lifetime. 

A few minimum requirements are needed to become a police officer in Toronto. However, remember that they are an extensive police organization and receive thousands of applications yearly, so pay attention and do what we call “desired requirements.” 



Minimum requirements needed to become a Toronto Police Officer: 

  • Canadian citizenship or permanent residency
  • 18 years or older
  • Physically and mentally capable of performing duties safely.
  • Completed secondary school education or equivalent.
  • Good moral character and integrity  

Due to the high volume of applications Toronto Police Services receives annually, it’s crucial to ensure you present yourself at your best before applying. Traditionally, they onboard three classes per year—in April, August, and December—with the number of hires per class contingent upon the requirements outlined by the TPS and the Toronto Police Services Board

So, how can you distinguish yourself as a competitive candidate among the applicants? 

Desired requirements needed to become a Police officer in Toronto. 

  1. Additional language proficiency (including ASL)
  2. Personal lived experiences
  3. Relevant job-related experience
  4. Commitment to continued education and self-improvement.
  5. Proficient driving skills with a clean record
  6. Demonstrated a strong work ethic.
  7. Engagement in volunteer activities
  8. Demonstrated leadership, problem-solving abilities, and resilience.
  9. Alignment with TPS Core Competencies and Core Values
  10. Physical fitness
  11. Background in mental health, effective communication, and de-escalation through education or experience. 

At anEDGE, we always get our mentored applicants out to begin getting volunteer experience. We encourage our applicants to volunteer with any legal organization in Toronto, especially those involving community service and exposure to individuals in crises. 

By excelling in these areas, you have the power to enhance your candidacy and increase your competitiveness for selection significantly. Your efforts and dedication can make a real difference in your application process. 

Applicants with foreign education must obtain credential verification. Criminal convictions without a pardon, a valid driver’s license with limited demerit points, CPR/first aid certification, and other prerequisites are mandatory. 

Shift schedules vary across divisions and encompass day, afternoon, and night shifts lasting 8, 10, or 12 hours, including holidays. 

As a Toronto Police Officer, your primary duty is public service. Whether you’re a new constable or a seasoned officer, your focus remains on protecting the public, preventing and investigating crimes, and aiding victims. But it’s not just about enforcing the law; it’s about building relationships and understanding the needs of your community. Collaboration with communities and service agencies is critical to addressing safety concerns and understanding neighbourhood-specific needs. 

Your role at Toronto Police Services comes with a sense of belonging and purpose, knowing you are integral to your community’s safety and well-being. Key responsibilities include thorough investigations, court appearances, immediate victim support, and proactive engagement with community partners to identify and address issues collaboratively. 



Application Process to become a Police officer in Toronto.


  1. Attend a General Information Session
  2. Fulfill your Pre-Application checklist.
  3. Hold a valid Ontario Chiefs of Police (OACP) Certificate
  4. Hold a valid Ontario Driver’s License
  5. Prepare for the Shuttle Run: Stage 7 

Application & Pre-Screening 

  1. Submit your online application.
  2. Complete the pre-background questionnaire and written Local Focus Interview (LFI)
  3. Pass the fitness assessment (PREP: Shuttle Run to Stage 7 & Pursuit Restraint Circuit within 2 minutes, 37 seconds) 

Interview & Background Investigation 

  1. Undergo the blended interview (Essential Competency and Local Focus Interviews)
  2. Complete the written psychological assessment (MMPI-2)
  3. Successfully pass the background screening 

Offer of Employment 

  1. Accept your conditional offer of employment.
  2. Complete the Cadet-In-Training Program (3 weeks at Toronto Police College)
  3. Complete the OPC Training Program (12 weeks at Ontario Police College)
  4. Finish post-training (9 weeks at Toronto Police College)
  5. Attend your sworn ceremony. 



Toronto Police Services Careers: 

With over 180 diverse career paths within the Toronto Police Service, you’re encouraged to pursue the challenges that align best with your interests. 

So, let’s look at the various Toronto Police Services Careers available and visualize where you would see yourself. 

Divisional Primary Response Unit

Community Partnerships and Engagement Unit

Emergency Task Force

Financial Crimes Unit

Forensic Identification Services

Homicide and Missing Persons Unit

Mounted Unit

Marine Unit

Police Dog Services

Sex Crimes Unit

Traffic Services 

Remember, you must typically attain the classification of First Class Constable and accumulate at least five (5) years of road experience before being eligible for consideration in any of the above-specialized units. 

Here are some helpful links. If you want to apply to OPP (Ontario Police Services), Here is a link to my blog. Here is the official website of Toronto Police Services. 

If you are interested in an RCMP career, remember policing in Canada is considered a constitutional responsibility of provinces; however, the RCMP provides local police services under contract in all provinces and territories except Ontario and Quebec. 

Lastly, let me wish you well in your pursuit to become a Police officer in Toronto; if you need some coaching and mentoring, anEDGE is always available to assist you. 

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