Your education and life experiences are critical, but your interview and communication skills will land you the job.

Police department INTERVIEW COACHING

Interview Coaching by Municipal Police Recruiters and HR Specialists 

Our Police Department Police Services Interview Preparation Approach

During your police interview coaching, you will be paired with a coach from a team of experienced recruiting Municipal Police, Provincial Police, RCMP and Fortune 500 human resource specialists who will coach you to success.

We recognize each candidate’s distinctiveness and the intricacies of the police interview process.

 Our online police interviewing coaching sessions are one-on-one coaching sessions tailored to your specific requirements, bringing out your best.

anEDGE will equip you with all the essential skills for your police interview. We focus on developing your core competencies for handling behavioural and situational questions, ensuring you are fully prepared and confident.

The police interview preparation effectively coaches you to structure your answers using the S.T.A.R. and ARC format required by the police interviewing panel, ensuring you are well-prepared

Police Interview Coaching you to success

Police Interview Coaching and Preparation

Prepare to excel in your chosen Police Department or Police Services Interviews.

Benefits of anEDGE Police Interview Coaching include: 

  • Reduce interview anxiety.
  • Grow in confidence.
  • Develop your critical competencies from your life experiences that your Police Department or Police Services are looking for
  • Coaching on the S.T.A.R Principle, how to effectively use it and how to structure your responses. 
  • Coaching on how to structure and answer behavioural-based interview questions.
  • Coaching on how to structure and answer situational-based interview questions.
  • Coaching on how to structure and answer behavioural-based interview questions.
  • Hear potential interview questions in advance.
  • Acquire practical assistance in identifying situations from your work, volunteer, and educational experiences that can be effectively used in your interview responses.
  • Learn how to articulate your answers effectively.
  • In our work together, I uncover your strengths, help you overcome challenges, and effectively communicate them when answering questions.

rcmp interview preparation

Police Interview Coaching. Competency-Based Interview

Competency-based interviews employ questions designed to uncover your utilization of specific skills in past experiences and your approach to solving problems, handling tasks, and overcoming challenges

anEDGE will systematically develop each of your required competencies for during your police interview coaching

RCMP Interview Coaching

Police Interview Coaching. Behavioural Based Questions

anEDGE will coach you on behavioural questions, while the Police Department and Police Services will investigate your past actions in different situations.

The theory is that your past actions will predict your


Police Interview Coaching. The S.T.A.R Format

Candidates are required to respond using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) format. Responses should naturally unfold as a storytelling progression, detailing the context, tasks involved, actions taken, and outcomes achieved.

rcmp interview preparation

Police Interview Coaching. Situational Questions

The Police situational-based questions focus on how you'll handle real-life scenarios. They help the Police departments better understand your thought process and assess various skills.

rcmp interview preparation anEDGE

Police Interview Coaching. The A.R.C Format

When addressing situational questions, the ARC technique is essential as it offers a structured approach to effectively organize your responses.

Police Interview Coaching Candidates who have been through our RCMP Interview Preparation Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Many individuals perceive the police interview selection interview as the most daunting phase of the selection process. Yet, with anEDGE and their police Interview coaching and meticulous preparation, it can transform the police interview into a rewarding encounter. Our police Interview preparation will turn the tide in your favour

No, we are a Canadian-based law enforcement application coaching and mentoring company. We have coached and mentored applicants through every step of RCMP, Provincial, or Municipal Police Service Departments. Police interview coaching is only one small part of our work. 

We don’t believe we can confidently coach you in a single telephone session, so you will receive at least 4 or 5 sessions via Zoom or MS teams but we will never leave you unprepared  

A core competency is described as ” a visible and quantifiable trait, whether it’s knowledge, skill, ability, or personal attribute, framed by the actions necessary for you to fulfill the performance objectives and outcomes of the police department’s  standards of excellence.”

Yes, there are eight competencies, and based on your life skills, we systematically develop them during the police interview coaching sessions. Then we coach you to answer each competency using the S.T.A.R format 

anEDGE will coach you through the police interview process, but candidates must present their responses in the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) format. This approach ensures that recounting an experience or event flows naturally as a storytelling progression.

Do you have any questions about our police interview coaching or your police interview preparation?

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