Coaching you through the (OPP)Ontario Provincial Police Application Process 2024

As the managing director of anEDGE, which is a company that specializes in coaching and mentoring individuals through their Ontario Provincial Police Application process, I always get asked several excellent questions; 

  1. How do I become an Ontario Provincial police officer (OPP)
  2. What is the Ontario Provincial Police Application (OPP) process
  3. What are the qualifications needed for the Ontario Provincial Police
  4. What could disqualify me during the Ontario Provincial Police application process? 
  5. How much do Ontario Provincial Police officers earn? 

Join the Constable Information Session.

Firstly, before submitting their applications to the OPP, we recommend that applicants attend a constable information session. These sessions are designed for OPP Recruiters to provide insights into what it takes for you to excel in your policing career.  You can access a condensed version of the Constable Information Session on YouTube. 

The (OPP) Ontario Provincial Police application process. 

Let’s begin with one of the most frequent questions: Will I qualify for the Ontario Provincial Police hiring requirements? So here they are: 

1. Minimum Qualifications required to become an Ontario Police Officer (OPP) 

As delineated by the Constable Selection System (CSS), the minimum prerequisites are as follows: 

  • Age: At least 18 years old.
  • Citizenship: Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Education: Applicants must possess an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent (e.g., grade 12 from any Canadian province). Applicants without a grade 12 diploma who have completed a college or university degree program will be considered to have met this requirement. Candidates educated outside Canada should refer to the Government of Canada—Education Assessment Resources.
  • Driver’s License: You must hold a Class ‘G’ license with full driving privileges and no more than six (6) demerit points.
  • Criminal Record: Must not have a criminal record for which a records suspension (pardon) has not been received and must exhibit good moral character and habits.
  • Language Proficiency: Fluency in English.
  • First-Aid and CPR Certification: Must be certified in Standard First-Aid and CPR (level “C”).
  • Assessments: Successfully passed medical, psychological, security, and financial assessments, as well as a detailed character investigation.
  • Physical and Mental Ability: Be physically and mentally capable of performing the position’s duties, prioritizing personal and public safety. Candidates must achieve and maintain Level 7 or higher in the Leger 20m Shuttle Run.
  • Commitment to Service: Candidates must be willing to serve as required by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). Employment offers are contingent on organizational needs and the candidate’s preferences for six potential postings. Research into preferred posting locations is strongly recommended during the application process.
  • Competitiveness & Suitability 

Applicants are provided with an optional Self-Assessment Tool to identify areas for potential development before application. This tool outlines the assessment criteria, allowing candidates to self-reflect on areas of improvement. 

Ontario Provincial Police Application Process Fitness Expectations and Requirements. 

Start training now. Given the physical demands of policing, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and long-term fitness commitment is essential. This reduces the risk of injury and ensures success in recruit training and throughout a policing career. We always recommend to our mentored applicants to start training now. Get yourself fit and healthy and become the best you can. 

Willingness to Serve: 

The OPP is committed to providing policing services where needed. Employment offers are based on organizational requirements and candidate preferences for posting locations. Detachment locations vary, ranging from urban centers to remote areas. Candidates with specific needs, such as caring for special needs children or sick/elderly parents, are encouraged to inform Uniform Recruitment to facilitate suitable placements. 

Duration Postings: 

Some northern postings require members to commit to a fixed period of service (ranging from two to six years) before transfer. These duration postings offer special pay incentives, with payments distributed annually over the specified term. 

Ontario Police Application (OPP) Medical Requirements: 

Medical assessments for police constable applicants under the CSS occur only after the hiring police service extends a conditional offer of employment. The OACP Medical Self-Assessment Questionnaire outlines hearing and vision standards and medical assessment requirements to assist candidates in determining their suitability for the role of a police constable. 


2. Complete and submit your application via the Ontario Provincial Police Application Portal. 

The Ontario Police application process requires you to submit your application online, where your application will undergo pre-screening, and a file number will be assigned. 

Uniform Recruitment has introduced a new screening tool to evaluate safety and training success. Successful applicants in the pre-screening phase will be invited to participate in a physical assessment, including the Leger 20m Shuttle Run. Those who pass this assessment proceed to the Pre-Background Questionnaire (PBQ) Assessment. (Please note: PBQ sessions are available in select areas with high application volumes and do not apply to applicants from northern Ontario or out of province.) 

Competitive applicants will then be invited to a Local Focus Interview (LFI). 

3. The Ontario Provincial Police  Application Process requires a thorough background investigation, including: 

  • Psychological assessment
  • Medical assessment
  • Security inquiries
  • Financial inquiries
  • Employment, character, and school reference checks
  • Home interview 

Your application file will be evaluated ongoing. 

4. Receive an offer of employment or notification of file closure.

Ontario Provincial Police recruitment fitness requirements: 

Being healthy and fit is an integral part of the OPP. During the Ontario Provincial recruitment process, recruits must demonstrate the ability to score 75 percent on their Fitness PIN at the Provincial Police Academy (PPA) before advancing to the Ontario Police College (OPC). 

5. Ontario Provincial Police Application Checklist of Mandatory Documentation: 

During the Ontario Provincial Police application process, you will be asked to supply several mandatory documents. Below is what’s required, but please check the official sites to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Please refer to this comprehensive list of mandatory documentation for applying for the constable position [link here]. The online application requires several mandatory documents, many of which will take some time to obtain. 

  • Resume. 
  • Copies of official high school transcripts or equivalent. 
  • Copies of all official post-secondary transcripts (complete and incomplete programs). 
  • Transcript grading scoring (reverse side of transcript), one copy for each school transcript. • An Ontario equivalency assessment document. (For applicants who have been educated outside of Canada) Government of Canada – Educational Credential Assessment. 
  • Copies of certificates, work performance evaluations, military evaluations, etc. (if applicable). • Copies of reference letters (signed and dated). 
  • Completed OPP fitness logs for at least two weeks before application submission. Candidates must use the OPP fitness logs; no substitutions will be accepted. 
  • Copy your current driver’s license (front and back; all numbers/photos must be visible. JPEG format only). 
  • A full driver’s abstract from each applicable province/place/country for applicants licensed outside Ontario. 
  • A Military Conduct Sheet is required for all applicants, including reservists, who have served or are currently serving in the military. This includes members serving in the Canadian Armed Forces and out-of-country military forces. (Canadian Forces Conduct sheet) 
  • One of the following Canadian Government-issued documents, front and back, must have all numbers/photos visible. JPEG format only. o A valid Canadian Passport. o A copy of Canadian Citizenship Certificate. o Birth Certificate (statement of Live Birth is not accepted). o Permanent Resident card. 


6. What could disqualify me during the Ontario Provincial Police Application Process? 

In preparation for a career in policing, it’s crucial to understand the factors that could disqualify you from the Ontario Provincial Police OPP) application process. Across various agencies, written, physical, and medical exam requirements remain consistent. 

Language Requirement: Proficiency in either English or French, encompassing speaking, reading, and comprehension, is essential. 

Physical Fitness Standard: Candidates must meet prescribed physical fitness standards. Please complete the physical examination within the specified timeframe to avoid automatic disqualification. 

Test Variations: While specific tests may vary between agencies, they all aim to simulate critical incidents police officers encounter. For instance, the RCMP’s Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation (PARE) includes: 

Running six laps around a 350-meter obstacle course involving stair climbing and hurdle jumping.

Pushing and pulling a 70lb weight.

Carrying 80lbs over a 15-meter distance.

Psychological Assessment: Failure to meet the minimum psychological examination requirements can lead to disqualification. 

Shift Work Acceptance: Police work entails shift rotations, including nights, evenings, weekends, and holidays. Unwillingness to accommodate such schedules results in disqualification from the process.

Medical Evaluation: Conditions, treatments, limitations, or diseases identified during medical examinations, such as colour blindness, may impede the applicant’s ability to perform job functions safely. Consequently, applicants may be disqualified to prevent risks to their health, safety, or the public and coworkers. 

7. How much do OPP police officers make in Ontario?

Average Base Pay according to Glass Door: 
The estimated total pay range for a Police Officer at Ontario Provincial Police is $100K—$130K per year, which includes base salary and additional pay. The average base salary is $105K per year. 

All that is left is for me to wish you well in the Ontario Provincial Police Application Process. Reach out to us at anEDGE if you need coaching and mentoring. Policing in Canada is a very rewarding and honourable career, and I wish you well in your path. 

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