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Overview of the VPD Recruiting Process:

As the Managing Director of anEDGE, I often get asked, “What is the Vancouver Police Recruiting process like and how do I navigate it?” 

If you are interested in law enforcement, joining the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) offers a rewarding career serving the vibrant community of Vancouver, British Columbia. anEDGE, a seasoned Vancouver-based company, offers expert guidance through the Vancouver Police application process, including deferrals and interview coaching. 

The VPD recruiting process is thorough, aiming to select individuals who demonstrate integrity, commitment, and dedication to public safety. 

VPD Recruiting Process

VPD Recruiting Requirements and Qualifications. 

To be eligible and in line to be part of VPD recruiting, candidates must meet certain criteria. This includes being a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, possessing a valid driver’s license, and having a minimum education level of a high school diploma or equivalent. Additionally, candidates undergo extensive background checks, physical fitness assessments, and psychological evaluations. 


Attend an informative session on the Vancouver Police Department’s recruitment process: 

I always encourage our mentored applicants to join the in-person VPD interactive experience or access a pre-recorded session if unable to attend physically. Here you can learn about eligibility criteria, application procedures, and career opportunities directly from VPD representatives. You will also gain valuable insights to kickstart your journey towards a fulfilling career in law enforcement.  


Two forms begin the Vancouver Police Recruiting Process: 

The employment application process with the Vancouver Police Department involves two essential forms: the Vancouver Police Department Application form and the Honesty, Lifestyle, and Integrity form. Both forms are meticulously scrutinized during the evaluation of employment applications for positions within the department. 

The information provided in these forms is carefully considered within the context of the competition for the applied position. It is treated with utmost confidentiality under these circumstances, ensuring the privacy of applicants throughout the selection process. 


Joining the VPD does require an exam: 

As part of the Vancouver Police Department Recruitment Process, candidates are required to undergo an entrance exam. Joining the VPD requires a three-hour examination that takes place on Saturdays and necessitates a passing score of 60% for police officer applicants. 

Subjects covered include grammar, spelling, composition, comprehension, and Grade 12-level mathematics. Additionally, the exam features sections on memory and short essay responses, which must be handwritten without the aid of spell check or calculators. Marks will be deducted for errors in spelling and grammar. For further preparation, candidates can access a sample test and utilize Ethos Police Exam Learning Resources. 


Physical Tests during the Vancouver Police Recruiting Process: 

Joining the VPD does come with some physical testing. VPD uses the POPAT test, which is timed and candidates must complete each task within the specified time limits in order to pass. The test measures various physical abilities, including strength, agility, endurance, and coordination, which are essential for performing the duties of a law enforcement officer effectively and safely. 

Successful completion of the POPAT test is often a requirement for advancing in the recruitment process and becoming a police officer or entering other law enforcement roles. 

It helps ensure that candidates have the physical fitness necessary to meet the demands of the job and contribute to public safety in their communities. 


The VPD Recruiting Interview: 

Two detectives from the Vancouver Police Recruiting team will conduct interviews with you and thoroughly examine your integrity and lifestyle questionnaire along with your personal history. Therefore, you must be transparent and truthful when completing the initial application forms. These detectives evaluate various aspects including your integrity, problem-solving skills, respect for diversity, commitment to community service, self-motivation, and willingness to take responsibility. 


The VPD Recruiting Physiological Assessment: 

The Vancouver Police Recruiting Department conduct psychological assessments as part of its recruiting process to ensure that candidates possess the psychological and emotional stability necessary for law enforcement work. These assessments help to identify any potential issues or red flags that could impact an individual’s ability to perform their duties effectively and safely as a police officer. 

By assessing candidates’ psychological profiles, the VPD aims to select individuals who can handle the demands and stressors of police work, make sound judgments under pressure, and interact effectively with the public and colleagues. Additionally, psychological assessments help to mitigate the risk of hiring individuals who may exhibit behaviors or traits that are incompatible with the responsibilities and ethical standards of law enforcement. 

Ultimately, the goal of the psychological assessment is to ensure that recruits have the resilience, maturity, and psychological well-being necessary to succeed in a challenging and demanding profession like law enforcement while also promoting the overall safety and effectiveness of the police force. 


The Polygraph Test

Honesty in initial applications is crucial as VPD polygraph tests gauge physiological responses to assess truthfulness, including heart rate, respiration, and sweat gland activity. These tests are employed to ensure integrity in screening processes and investigative procedures.


The Vancouver Recruiting Process does require a second interview: 

The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) conducts a second interview as part of its recruitment process. During this interview, the sergeant will evaluate your suitability for advancement to the final stages of the process, which include a medical examination and background investigation. You will be required to review your application file and submit a personal autobiography, as well as a list of both employment and character references. 

Vancouver Police Recruiting

The VPD Recruiting Background Investigation: 

The Vancouver Police Recruiting Process involves a comprehensive background investigation conducted by a detective from the VPD Recruiting Unit and entails interviews with your family members, long-standing friends, current and former employers, colleagues, neighbors, and landlords. 


The final Medical Examination in the Vancouver Police Recruiting process: 

In the final stage of the process, you will undergo a medical examination administered by a physician contracted by the City of Vancouver. This examination includes, among other things, an assessment of hearing standards. Additionally, Basic Functional Movement testing will be conducted to evaluate fitness levels, encompassing exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and flexibility tests. Because you have made it this far in the process, the cost of the medical examination is covered by the VPD. 

In conclusion, the Vancouver Police Recruiting process is rigorous and demanding, designed to select top-tier candidates. A career with the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) presents ample opportunities for personal and professional growth, including specialized roles and advancement pathways. VPD officers forge strong bonds with colleagues in a supportive environment. Moreover, the VPD emphasizes continuous training and development, ensuring officers are well-equipped to succeed. 

Ultimately, the sense of pride in safeguarding the community and upholding justice makes a VPD career deeply fulfilling. 

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