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As the managing director of anEDGE, a Vancouver-based coaching and mentoring company specializing in Municipal and RCMP law enforcement applications, I frequently encounter the question: 

“What does the Surrey Police Recruitment Process entail, and what strategies can I employ to distinguish myself as a preferred law enforcement candidate?” 

To begin, let’s delve into the concept of “anEDGE,” a term we’ve coined to capture a crucial aspect of preparation often overlooked by applicants. We give you anEDGE and ensure you are a preferred candidate in the recruitment process. 

Many individuals fail to grasp the significance of the link between their initial application paperwork and their final polygraph test, lack insight into effective interview preparation, and overlook the necessity of laying the groundwork well in advance of their initial applications. 

This is precisely where our anEDGE team, comprising seasoned police officers, HR specialists, and trainers, steps in to provide guidance and mentorship throughout the Municipal and RCMP Recruiting Process

Surrey Police Recruitment Process

Moving on to the Surrey Police Recruitment Process: 

Surrey Police Services Information Sessions: 

It is essential and highly encouraged to attend the information sessions offered by Surrey Police Services. These sessions furnish attendees with comprehensive insights into the Surrey Police recruitment process, outlining minimum standards and expectations for prospective recruits. 

At anEDGE, we strongly advocate for participation in these sessions, as they serve as the beginning of the groundwork for progressing to the application stage. 

Surrey Police Recruitment Application Submission Guidelines: 

This is where your attention to detail is paramount. Remember honesty and integrity are key as you finalize the online application by submitting your resume, cover letter, and supporting documents. Our team will guide you through this process. 

The Surrey Police Services asks that your cover letter should adhere to a maximum of two (2) pages, single-spaced, utilizing 12-point Arial font. 

Upon receiving your completed application, Surrey Police Services will conduct a review to confirm that you meet their minimum qualifications. 

Alongside the online application, resume, and cover letter, you will be required to complete and upload the Integrity and Lifestyle Questionnaire (ILQ). Did I say that honesty and integrity are of the utmost importance? 

This questionnaire evaluates your integrity, honesty, and lifestyle choices to ascertain your suitability for employment with SPS. Additionally, you will also be asked to provide any necessary supporting documentation for your application. 

Supporting Documents you will need during the Surrey Police Recruiting process include the following: 

  • Birth Certificate, Canadian Citizenship, or Permanent Resident status, along with proof of residing in Canada for a minimum of five years
  • Valid, unrestricted Driver’s License
  • Driving Abstract
  • Two passport-size photos
  • Vision Report (dated within the last 6 months)
  • Audiometric Report (dated within the last 6 months)
  • Valid First Aid/CPR Certificate with AED training
  • Grade 12 Diploma or GED Certificate
  • Post-secondary transcripts or ICES evaluation
  • Criminal Pardon documentation (if applicable)
  • Release Authorization form
  • Complete ILQ: Ensure the Integrity and Lifestyle Questionnaire (ILQ) is filled out accurately and honestly. 

Upon receipt of your completed application and supporting documents, the SPS will review all your documents to ensure you meet the minimum qualifications for the position you are applying for. 

Our goal at anEDGE is to make you exceed these requirements. 

Surrey Police Services

Surrey Police Recruitment Written Examination: 

Nobody likes written exams. Unless of course, you are well prepared. The Surrey Police recruitment process does require you to write an exam. 

SPS will require you to participate in an in-person Intake Exam which is a three-hour assessment that evaluates the practical abilities essential for police officers during their daily tasks. Candidates achieving competitive scores will advance to the next stage. 

Should you fail, a waiting period of six months is mandatory before requesting a second chance to sit for the exam. Don’t let delays slow your hiring process down. anEDGE has some practice exams on our learning site and we will put you through a few mock exams. 

The Intake Exam evaluates proficiency in four key areas: 

  • Memory and observational skills
  • Reading comprehension and critical thinking skills
  • Summarization skills
  • Writing and editing skills 

Surrey Police Recruitment, Peace Officers Physical Abilities Test (POPAT). 

The Peace Officers Physical Abilities Testing (POPAT) is structured to replicate a critical incident scenario involving a police officer pursuing, subduing, and apprehending a suspect. Start training early and anEDGE can put you in touch with accredited trainers. 

POPAT encompasses various elements, such as obstacles, jumps, cones, an agility bar, an eighty-pound push-pull exercise, and a one-hundred-pound bag carry. Completion of the POPAT must be within four minutes and fifteen seconds (4:15). 

Should you not meet the required standard, you have the option to undergo a second physical fitness test at your discretion. However, failing the POPAT for a second time will result in a six-month deferral. Your results from physical testing remain valid for six months. 

Surrey Police Recruitment, Suitability Interview. 

You will undergo an interview with three Surrey Police Services (SPS ) recruiting officers, comprising two distinct segments. anEDGE will coach you through this as there is a specific way to answer these questions in this 2 part interview. 

In the initial part, the Surrey Police Services recruitment process explores your motivations to pursue a career as a police officer will be explored, alongside an examination of your Integrity and Lifestyle Questionnaire. The second segment will delve into your professional and personal experiences, enabling the panel to gauge your suitability for a career with SPS. 

Surrey Police Recruitment, Background Investigation: 

At the outset of the background investigation phase, you’ll be asked to supply a list of 30 references. Remember, from the beginning, even in your initial application, we highly encourage truthfulness and integrity. 

During the Surrey Police recruitment process, the recruiting Officers will meticulously probe into your background, employing various methods including police database inquiries and interviews with your family, close friends, current and former employers and colleagues, neighbors, and landlords. They will reach out to individuals listed in your application package and may also communicate with others not initially identified.

Upon successful completion of steps 1-5, you’ll be required to visit the Police Agency in your hometown to finalize and submit a Police Information Check – Vulnerable Sector. 

Surrey Police Recruitment, Psychological Assessment: 

During your Surrey Police Services recruitment process, you will undergo a series of psychological evaluations and engage in a one-on-one session with a clinical psychologist. The purpose of these assessments is to evaluate your suitability for a career in law enforcement. 

These tests analyze various aspects such as your personality, emotional intelligence, and resilience. They typically require several hours to complete and cannot be prepared for through studying. 

Surrey Police Recruitment, Polygraph Test: 

Every single one of our applicants gets stressed by the polygraph test. Remember we said to be open, honest, and transparent in your initial application. This is the best way to calm those nerves for the polygraph. 

The polygraph examination is administered to verify the honesty and transparency of your disclosures and to identify any potential integrity concerns. This examination will be conducted by a specially trained polygraphist. 

Surrey Police Recruitment, Medical Evaluation: 

You will also undergo a comprehensive medical examination conducted by a physician contracted by SPS. This examination encompasses various tests including cardiovascular FIT testing (stress test), strength (grip) testing, visual acuity, hearing assessment, flexibility evaluation, blood work, drug screening, and overall health status assessment. The results of this examination are then forwarded to our Recruiting Unit for assessment. 

Surrey Police Recruitment, Executive Panel Interview: 

During the Surrey Police recruitment process, there will be a 30-minute interview conducted by a panel comprising three Executive SPS Officers (Chief, Deputy Chief, and Superintendent). The interview will commence with a brief introduction from you, followed by competency-based, behavioral questions aimed at eliciting specific examples from your past experiences. 

Here our anEDGE mentors can settle your nerves and coach you on competencies. We help you understand exactly what the competencies are and why they matter. We will help to develop your competencies if you do not have enough experience in one area and coach you on the correct way to demonstrate your proficiencies in these various competencies by how you answer the questions. 

Final Evaluation and Hiring Decision. 

The Recruiting Officer will present your complete application package to a panel of senior officers for evaluation to determine your suitability for employment at SPS. 

Employment offers are contingent upon various factors, including your competitiveness compared to other candidates in the pool. All employment offers are subject to approval by the Chief Constable. 

Employment Offer 

This is the most exciting step and anEDGE we celebrate with you! If selected, you will receive a job offer or letter of intent from the Chief Constable and begin an exciting and rewarding career with the Surrey Police Service. 

Surrey Police Department

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